A Healthy Balance

When a senior relocates to a residential care home, a common concern is losing one’s privacy and independence. CareAgape thinks of “losing one’s privacy” as “no longer being isolated.” In the homes we find for families, we want residents to enjoy their lives knowing that they have assistance from caregivers, yet can be as independent as they wish. In truth, they gain a new level of independence because now they can enjoy their life without having to worry about taking care of themselves or feeling they are a burden on their families.

In the homes in our network, each resident is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and a customized care plan is developed by the caregiver, resident, and family. This plan is designed to achieve a healthy balance between optimal care and independent living. For seniors with more severe limitations, a facility may need to provide basic medical assistance as well as help with personal grooming, toileting, feeding, mobility, and other essential life activities. But many residents don’t require this level of attention and prefer to enjoy all the comforts of a residential home-reading on the porch, enjoying the backyard, or engaging in table games. Caregivers are often present to provide assistance or companionship, if needed, but if a resident prefers being alone, they respect that need.



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