A Place for TBI Individuals


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can change the lives of patients and families. It can mean lasting, even permanent physical and mental disability for these individuals, making day-to-day tasks and decisions an ongoing challenge. It can also create an enormous burden on families. Post-acute rehabilitation in a hospital setting can help, but it is temporary and costly. TBI survivors need to transition from rehabilitation to reintegration back into the community. The question is, how and where?

The CareAgape TBI Network includes homes with the training and experience to help individuals recovering from brain injury to get the care they need to become more self-sufficient and promote recovery. Smaller homes are an excellent alternative to an institutional setting, and they are an affordable option, as a transition or long-term.

Our network includes homes where specialized habilitation workers help TBI residents learn day-to-day tasks and social skills. These homes interface with hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and community rehabilitation specialists to assure personalized services tailored to each TBI resident. This includes occupational, recreational, physical, speech, art and music therapy plus coaching skills and case management.

This integrated model of loving care and specialized habilitation, with a more functional level of patients, is a healthy alternative to post-acute care settings. But it’s the habilitation workers themselves whose consistent support is so important to the TBI resident’s continuum of care. They are indispensable advocates for TBI residents who can expedite their improvement, even recovery.

We have many homes in our network for TBI individuals, and we’ll even look outside of our network to find a home that meets our stringent requirements and has certified caregivers we can interview and approve of. We do not take our work lightly. Because our greatest satisfaction is not in filling beds, but in helping you fulfill the dreams and expectations of your loved one. They deserve nothing less. And neither do you.



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