What to Expect

When it comes to choosing a residential care home for your loved one, there are some important criteria you should look for-criteria that you find in the CareAgape network.

1. Safe, Secure, and Sanitary

All the homes in our network are in safe residential neighborhoods, with no hazards on the property. Homes have a security system and emergency management protocol, and residents can secure their personal belongings. Cleanliness is also paramount. All homes take precautions to safeguard the protection of residents, especially during this pandemic, and follow COVID-19 Preparedness Guidelines as set forth by the CDC.

2. 3:1 Resident-to-Caregiver Ratio

Personalized care is crucial for assisted living care, especially for seniors who may require a lot of assistance. Our 3:1 ratio allows caregivers to better manage workflow and customize care plans according to a resident’s challenges, needs and abilities.

3. Access to Medical Assistance

Assisted living facilities in our network have certified caregivers equipped to deal with most of the challenges that seniors will face. This includes added assistance for those who need special care. Plus, they are a link between doctors, nurses, and families, to ensure that your loved ones have access to extended c